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Welcome to the HOMEBODY blog, the treasury of tips and tricks on how to stay healthy and fit. Here you will learn everything about a healthy lifestyle, the most productive workouts, and secrets from the best coaches and trainers from around the world. But who we are?

HOMEBODY is a live-streaming fitness platform that virtually connects users to fitness influencers and trainers around the world. We are a team of professionals who would like to share our experience and knowledge with you! As a user, you will have access to hundreds of live workouts led by your favorite instructors from the comfort of your home. It’s so easy to find a perfect class for you by the instructor, class type, or time search. There is also an option of personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals much sooner. The app launch is right around the corner, so don’t miss it out and be the first one to join us!

For those, who are wondering how to join our team, simply click For Influencers section and schedule a chat with us. We would love to see more professionals joining us!

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