• Anastasia Sendzik

4 Reasons to eat slowly

When was the last time you enjoyed your breakfast, lunch, or dinner without rushing somewhere? Most likely, you don’t remember, but that’s alright. Most of us don’t remember either. Nowadays, we are so busy with a daily routine that we don’t take time for a proper meal. However, how would it change if we spent a few extra minutes on each meal and why we should do it?

Weight loss

When we eat, our stomach sends signals of fullness to our brain. Usually, it takes about 20 minutes for our brain to register that our stomach is full. If we keep eating fast, we might consume more calories than our body needs, but if we eat slowly we might stop on time.


It might be obvious but it’s hard to enjoy food if you are rushing somewhere. In fact, think of it as it’s your cheat day. You limit the number of sweets or carbs you are eating during the week, and then when you allow yourself to have something sinful - you eat it in a second without even enjoying and feeling the true taste of it. So what’s the point? Eat for pleasure!

Less Stress

Slow eating might be an amazing form of mindfulness exercise to reach long-term happiness and a less-stressful life. Be present. Don’t think of what’s on your plan or what you will do after your meal, take time to process it and calm your day out.

Better Digestion

Have you ever thought about why the obesity level in Japan is much lower than in the United States? Many studies prove that it is connected to healthier diet habits. Even recently, the Kyushu University in Japan proved that those, who chew slowly, have better digestion. Also, an interesting fact is that on average those people have a smaller waist and lower body mass index. So give it a shot!

Eating slowly is more important for your well-being than you might think!

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