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Meet the Homebody A-Team

Updated: Mar 19

Brock Davies and Sophia Das, Co-Founders of Homebody Live Fitness App (coming to the app store soon) share not only a passion for fitness and entrepreneurship, but a deep knowledge of the industry and building a business from the ground up - specifically as it pertains to the world of influencer marketing.

As Homebody’s creator and visionary, Brock Davies is an Australian-born native and small gym owner who came over to the United States to build up his professional career as a Pro Rugby Player and later moved on to play in the NFL. After leaving his professional sports career behind, Brock went on to open 2 successful F-45 gyms in San Diego California.

During the pandemic, Brock faced his fair amount of challenges with his gyms when the nationwide shutdowns occurred back in March. He realized that not only was there no easy way of transitioning into the online fitness space for gym owners, but that the professional real-time live workout experience for his gym-users would be incredibly important. There was no easy way for him to monetize his online live group classes both professionally and personally as a fitness influencer himself - and that’s how the starting idea behind Homebody was created.

With a deep knowledge of the fitness industry and a drive to build Homebody into a business, upon meeting Sophia - the decision to partner and grow Homebody together was an easy one. Coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs and working with her family-run biotech and chemical business, Sophia has seen what it takes firsthand from her father to build, grow and maintain a business. Her first job out of college was at a startup app in New York City, where she expanded her knowledge in the digital tech space.

After going to school to become a CPM, her creativity and passion for startups and small business branding led her to start her own boutique branding agency, helping small businesses gain a digital footprint in today’s digital era.

From the West Coast of San Diego to the East Coast of New York, Brock’s vision for Homebody and Sophia’s extensive knowledge in the startup app world and digital marketing made them a great team. They both share and have gained access to a large network of influencers, athletes, health, sports and fitness professionals alike which has allowed for them to have unique industry insights into the combined world of fitness and influencers.

The vision for Homebody has since expanded to meet a huge gap in the fitness market. Fitness influencers who have large social followings have no easy way of creating, monetizing, and sharing content with their users in real-time.

“The live experience with your favorite instructors is crucial. We believe on-demand is so yesterday. For influencers and instructors, your personal brand is your business and online fitness is the future. That real-time engagement with clients and fans allows instructors to put themselves in front of their clients and followers time and time again to buy into their brand” - Sophia.

We don’t realize how important of a role these influencers play in our daily lives. Whether we follow these folks or look up to them for inspiration, motivation, aspiration, or change; we're surrounded by their brands every single day but yet they seem like people that are so far out of our reach.

Giving users a platform to easily access world-class trainers, influencers and instructors will help bridge the gap between these influencers and users by creating a unique, live personal experience.

“We have a vision. we know where we want to go, where we’re headed. Now it’s just a matter of getting it done with the A-Team we have” - Brock Davies.

Since the start of Homebody, the company has extended its team to include Nicole Kamback - a fitness fanatic and product development expert. Coming from the tech startup world herself with a business development, public relations and product management background, her extensive knowledge in creating a product with a great user experience and taking that to market has been essential to Homebody’s success.

“Influencers want the ability to engage with their followers and monetize their content now more than ever. We’ve created a user-friendly platform that actually fulfills this need. It’s a way for influencers to not only connect with their following but also network with their peers to better themselves and build their brands.” - Nicole Kamback

We’re not only building an environment of growth and creativity but one in which we share common interests, goals, and aspirations. We want Homebody to become more than just a brand, but a community that continues to grow together and expand into the world's biggest, at-home accessible gym.

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