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Martin Heede

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About Martin

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Martin used to play soccer, do karate, gymnastics, and cheerleading for many years. He became the five-time European champion in karate, and he competed in the world championship in gymnastics and cheerleading with his team. He is also the European champion in fitness in the category Men’s Physique. At this moment Martin has been competing in around 8 pro shows, placing top 10 every time among the best physiques in the world. He lives in Abu Dhabi where he works as a personal trainer. 


Martin describes himself as a very active, dedicated, and funny person. He loves to teach not only technique but also a mentality of hard work and dedication. His fitness mantra is “Never give up, it is not a sprint, it¨s a marathon”.

Muscle Building

Fat Loss

Martial Arts


New York, NY
San Diego , CA

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