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Meet Portia & Lucy

Kristy loved moving and jumping around from an early age. Growing up, she realized that the body is meant to move to stay strong, supply, and enhance moods and memory. A sports scholarship to college led Kristy to complete her degree in Kinesiology as well as compete for Canada in bobsleigh for 6 years. Later she moved to LA where she became a personal trainer, however after many years she came back to Canada.  Kristy started working as Assistant Coach for the Belgian Bobsleigh team at the 2010 Olympics as well as opened a spin studio and hockey training company in BC. Life spun, Kristy came back to LA with her daughter and started to work in personal training and consulting again. 


Kristy describes herself as a positive, energetic, and humorous person. She believes that if you don’t move it, you lose it. That’s why her workouts are always upbeat, fun, and efficient.

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