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our story

In 2020, we set out to accomplish one goal: develop a platform that would allow fitness influencers to monetize content. During the pandemic, homebody’s creator and visionary, Brock Davies faced his fair amount of challenges with his gyms when the nationwide shutdowns occurred. He realized there was no easy way for an instructor to monetize online live group classes. With the pandemic, came the struggle for fitness instructors to find effective ways to teach classes, along with the rise in demand for quality at home workouts.



Since the start of HOMEBODY, we've made it our mission to bring influencers a way to create, share and monetize their content to their already engaged audience. We strongly believe that by investing in our trainers first and giving them all the tools and resources they need to grow their businesses and brands into powerhouses, we can build an immersive live workout experience for users from anytime, anywhere around the world.

our mission

To empower creators by cultivating a community through a shared passion for health & fitness

Headquarters: San Diego, CA

Year Established: 2020

Industry: Fitness

our team

Brock Davies

Co-Founder & CEO

As Homebody’s creator and visionary, Brock Davies is an Australian-born native and small gym owner who came over to the United States to build up his professional career as a Pro Rugby Player and later moved on to play in the NFL. After leaving his professional sports career behind, Brock went on to open 2 successful F-45 gyms in San Diego California. His leadership and entrepreneurial spirit allows him to have a clear vision for HOMEBODY and work alongside his team to 

Co-Founder COO

Sophia Das

Coming from a family of successful entrepreneurs Sophia has seen what it takes firsthand from her father to build, grow and maintain a business. Her first job out of college was at a startup app in New York City, where she expanded her knowledge and immersed herself in the digital tech space. After becoming a Certified , her creativity and passion for startups and small business branding led her to start her own boutique branding agency, helping small businesses gain a digital footprint in today’s digital era.

Beginning her career in the tech startup world, Nicole quickly developed a passion for helping a business grow from the ground level. She became an expert in product development and grew a deep understanding of what it takes to make a startup successful. With a business development, public relations and product management background, her drive to create a product with a great user experience and take that to market has remained her ultimate goal.

Co-Founder CPO

Nicole Kamback

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