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About Bedlam

Abhish from Atlanta, Georgia and specialize Bodyweight Training, Strength Training, and Primal Movements. 


He first got into health & wellness by starting his own fitness journey while he was in law school. Law school was taking a toll on his mental and physical health, so he decided to start working out and eating better, losing 50 pounds in 3 months. He realized he wanted to help people to the same and through the span of three years, Abhish has become an expert in multiple training styles and applies them in his own training to help others along the way. The pandemic has allowed him to take a step back and find more efficient ways to be fit. He has continued to help others learn how to improve their fitness and health without the need of a large space, equipment or anything more than their own body. 


Abhish describes himself as ambitious, fun & caring. He makes sure to teach in the most intuitive way possible, helping clients learn efficiently through what comes naturally. 



verfied coach

Body Training, Strength Training, Primal Movements


New York, NY
San Diego , CA

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